Next to developing OpendTect we also offer advanced seismic interpretation services. Our experts have worked on data sets from around the globe. We have extensive experience in hydrocarbon exploration, field development, time-lapse monitoring, unconventional plays and geothermal studies.

The slider shows seismic diffraction imaging (DI). Seismic diffraction is the response to subsurface discontinuity produced by faults, fractures, pinchouts etc. In conventional seismic processing, the rich detail of the diffraction events is masked by the much stronger reflection events. In diffraction imaging, we remigrate the data with a special filter to remove the reflection overprinting. In the slider you see an example of Fresnel zone sampling of the continuum between reflectivity and diffractivity. This continuum, where sub-specular reflection is progressively attenuated, provides a unique advantage for resolution and detectability. This is a service that we offer in association with Moser Geophysical Services. An important benefit of this partnership is the integration of the leading edge of DI and reflection imaging with the advanced interpretation technologies of OpendTect.

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